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Coffees that bring out your FIERCE


We Believe In the Power of Coffee

Whether it's here to help you make new friends, put on a show onstage, or help you take on your day, we believe that every sip should be as #fierce as you.

To us, Ferocity  means being unapologetic in what makes you unique, and we believe every sip should match that same intensity.

What we do here is simple.


1. Discover

We scour the coffee world for hidden gems found in the coffee industry.


2. Concoct

Image by Nathan Dumlao

3. Share

We bring these recipes to your door so we can enjoy them together.

We use these coffees to create limited release exclusive recipes!

Coffee Machine

We are your personal barista, here cheer you on as you go kick ass during your week!

  • Small Batches to Last All Week

  • Exclusive Coffee Recipes

  • Doorstep Delivery

  • Hugs from ur Fav Doll 

Join the Ambush

Sign up for Exclusive Coffee Deliveries and be the first to know about limited release recipes, coffee products and events in your area.


Our goal is to build the most diverse community of coffee lovers around the world and use coffee to empower them to create positive change and #befierce!

Do you dare to join us?

Let's get brewing!

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Violet Maldonado

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The Founder

Coffee has been a massive part of Violet's story since she was 16 years old. She's managed some of the biggest coffee shops in Central Florida, trained over 100 baristas, and participated in competitions with other coffee professionals.


On Valentine's Day 2023, she was fired without notice by her employers of 2 years. In spite of this, she decided to take matters into her own hands with the support of her community to turn the situation around

Violet now uses coffee as a tool for advocacy for queer people and trans women, loudly speaking up about our responsibility as a community to work together, as the attack on trans rights continues. Her goal is to create a world where trans people and drag performers have a future where they're paid fairly and are fully supported.

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