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Cafe Interior

Program Development

At Ferocity, our goal is to provide you with all the necessary tools to create your dream coffee shop. Through partnering you with seasoned coffee veterans, we walk you through every step of creating a profitable coffee program. Our list of services include:

  • Roaster Selection and Communication

  • Access to Our Exclusive Partnerships

  • Asset Selection and Bar Set-Up

  • Layout and Workflow Development

  • Equipment Selection

  • Day to Day Operations Breakdown

  • Recipe & Menu Development

  • First Week Estimates

  • Breakdown of Necessary Sales and Expenses

  • Operations System Development


Marketing and Branding

A successful business is not only defined by their environment and product, but by the atmosphere they create with a strong brand identity. We believe that branding and marketing are vital elements to making your business unique and interesting, all while driving up your sales and exposure.

AtFerocity, we walk you through the process of developing an independent brand that represents your vision and mission, as well generates interests and connects you with all the people you want coming through your door.

We partner with Coffeefueled Marketing, a well known marketing company in the US associated with big brands including Harley Davidson and the HER Social app.


Training Program

Training is the most important element to a successful coffee business, both to create replicability and a system where many people can thrive. We provide intensive training for all baristas in our extensive seminars covering topics including:

• Coffee History

• Bar Essentials

• Coffee Origins and Parameters

• Brewing Methods

• Roasting and Roast Profiles

• Dialing in your Coffee

• Setting up a Good Workflow

• Customer Centered Service



Few things can help facilitate connections more than a good cup of coffee! We'd love to set up shop at your next event and provide your guests with an experience that will have them raving about it to their friends. Events Include:

• Weddings

• Pop-Ups

• Markets

• Conferences

• Launch Events

• Dinner Parties

• Business Meetings

• Retreats

• Networking Events



Perhaps you've got all other bases covered when it comes to starting your shop, and you need guidance when it comes to executing the actual build plan of the shop. Or maybe you just had the idea of opening a coffee shop and don't know where to start!


We've partnered up with realtors and contractors to walk alongside you through the process of meeting the physical guidelines necessary to open up the shop of your dreams, down to the square footage! We want nothing to keep you from crafting and creating the shop you've always dreamed.

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